The basics about our commission

We explain exactly how we earn the commission you pay and where we reinvest it to acquire new orders for our subcontractors.

Who pays the commission and how high is it?

If you, as a subcontractor, receive an order from us, we receive a commission from you for the competed contract and the resulting costs. The commission (including administrative fees) amounts on average to 18.8% of the hourly rate negotiated with the client and confirmed by our subcontractor.

What exactly does our portfolio of services include?

  • Acquisition of clients or orders,
  • Proof of the creditworthiness of the clients,
  • Advice to clients
  • Processing of customer inquiries
  • Examination of orders,
  • Coordination of subcontractors / clients
  • Marketing for industry, professionals and craft
  • Accounting / Dunning
  • Legal activities – legally binding contracts

Where do we invest the commission for new orders?

Marketing & Distribution

  • Direct sales (personal / print media) to potential clients

(national, international)

  • Internet Marketing (Google Advertising, <Banner Advertising, Ads>)
  • Telephone marketing / sales through company telephone operators and call centers
  • Email Marketing
  • Website optimization SEO
  • Social Media (Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn …)
  • Content marketing in industry-relevant journals, brochures and websites

Do we receive a commission from the subcontractor without orders?

No. If the subcontractor does not receive any orders, we as intermediaries will not receive any commission.

In short

Each of our partner companies is an independent and self-serving company, which is audited by us and subsequently (if appropriate) supervised and mediated.

While our subcontractors focus on their core competencies, our sales, marketing, and accounting professionals are constantly taking care of order acquisition and invoicing. The resulting expenses are compensated by the agency commission and these are reinvested for new orders.


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