The solar market is booming: train photovoltaic installers now to satisfy the demand


Are your employees already trained in installing photovoltaics? The demand for photovoltaic installers is growing – the shortage of skilled workers in the solar sector mainly affects the assembly of the systems. In this article, we provide a brief market overview and explain what installers need to be able to do.

The market for solar systems is booming – installers in high demand

According to the German Solar Industry Association, approximately 25% more solar systems were installed in 2020 compared to the previous year. Photovoltaics in particular are in high demand: in 2020, photovoltaic systems in Germany generated 50.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. In many cities, there will also be an obligation to build photovoltaic systems on new buildings and existing buildings in the future – in Hamburg as early as 2023.

The increasing demand is also evident among our customers: Installers for photovoltaics are urgently needed – take advantage of the strong demand and train your employees for photovoltaics.


Schulung Photovoltaik Monteure

The market for photovoltaics has grown strongly again in 2020 – despite COVID-19.

What tasks must photovoltaic installers be able to perform?

Photovoltaic installers assembly systems on different types of roofs (flat, pitched, gable, etc.). They also install the substructures of the modules and lay the cabling to the inverter. Further activities depend on the requirements of the respective project.

Reference project: infera Elektroheiztechnik GmbH

In recent years, photovoltaic assemblers have been used in many of our projects. One of these projects was implemented by our customer infera Elektroheiztechnik GmbH in Baden-Württemberg. Here photovoltaic systems were installed on flat and pitched roofs as well as on carports. The system sizes ranged from 8 to 750kWp.

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