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Subcontractor wanted? No matter whether heating/air conditioning/sanitary, welder/fitter, industry or electrics – if subcontractors are needed, we are the right contact. We are the leading experts in the procurement of subcontractors. With our international network and years of experience, we find the best teams for our customers.

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Why use subcontractors for projects?

Outsourcing activities with subcontractors can give companies great competitive advantages, since it allows a company to react flexibly to orders and focus on its core business. The use of subcontractors in the construction industry is now very common. The reason is the increase of demand for qualified workers in the construction boom in Germany.

1. Cost reduction through subcontractors

The order situation is not constant throughout the year. If you use subcontractors with high expertise, it can lead to a reduction in costs. This is because they can often be deployed more cheaply and flexibly instead of taking on new employees and having to dismiss them again after a short time. With our audited subcontractors we can offer our customers the best price-performance ratio. The arrangement is free of charge for clients.

2. Compensate the lack of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled workers is particularly acute in the construction industry. Finding good skilled workers is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore it is worthwhile to search abroad: The level of education in neighbouring countries such as Slovenia is comparable to Germany. With workers from abroad, the lack of skilled workers in your own company can be compensated. This is why subcontractors are desperately sought in many construction sectors at the moment.

3. Bring specialist knowledge into the company

Do you need workers with specific knowledge or special training, but who are not available in your company? No problem: If you are looking for subcontractors who have special training in a variety of fields, you are sure to find them in our network. This way you can even cover areas that are not part of your core business.

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What makes us the leading experts in subcontracting?

In short: Our many years of experience in personnel placement, our international network and our internal know-how. Our subcontractors are used all over the world. Whether in the USA, England, Germany, France or Switzerland – our teams of skilled workers support international projects quickly and reliably.

Our service is based on trust and transparency. We only place reliable teams that have experience and comprehensive knowledge in their field. If subcontractors are required, we act as the interface between the client and the subcontractor. This means: We look for the ideal team for your construction project and make sure the process is smooth. But not just till the arrangement of a team: We supervise the project for the entire duration and ensure everything is optimized through our feedback system.

Do you have further questions about our service? Here you will find frequently asked questions about our service:


How do we select subcontractors?

Before subcontractors are included in our network, they go through a multi-stage selection process. Due to this intensive quality control, we only have tested and top trained subcontractors in our network. Through weekly consultations and regular feedback, we also ensure this high quality during the cooperation with the subcontractors. This is the only way we can ensure that our customers receive the best teams for their worldwide construction projects.

Subunternehmer gesucht? Wir vermitteln die besten Teams - Subcontractor wanted

Our industries: These teams we mediate

We have specialised in four sectors:

  • Electrics: building electrics, cable construction, industrial installations, automation technology, control cabinet construction, photovoltaics, etc.
  • HVAC/sanitary: heating systems and heat pumps, renovation and maintenance, air conditioning, cooling systems, ventilation, sanitary installations, etc.
  • Industrial: Mechanical engineering, plant construction, robotics, automation, conveying systems, high-bay construction, safety engineering, automotive industry, process engineering, etc.
  • Fitters/welders: MIG, MAG and TIG welding; aluminium, electric welding; machine, pipe and factory fitters, etc.

Subcontractor wanted: How does the commissioning of subcontractors work?

We strive to make processes as efficient as possible for you. Therefore our service is based on competence, experience and transparency. Below you will therefore find a brief overview of how subcontracting works for us.

Step 1 – Looking for subcontractors? Your inquiry to us

If you are interested in our service, you can request a team from us without obligation. You can either contact us by telephone:

+43 1336/0151-191

Oder sie füllen unser Anfrageformular aus:

Request form

Of course you can also send us an e-mail with the order details or your questions. On our contact page you the responsible person for your industry.

If you send us an inquiry, please provide us with the basic information for the team, such as location, activity to be performed, start as well as approximate duration, special tools, etc. With this information we can select the right team for you. Because when making our selection, we pay attention to your individual wishes and requirements.

Step 2 – Our offer

Based on the information you have provided, you will receive an offer from us. But of course you can ask us all questions about the offer, the processing, our teams, etc. Our team will be happy to advise you. Because with our years of experience we will find a solution that fits you exactly.

Step 3 – The confirmation

If you would like to accept our offer, please sign it and return it to us. This is then considered as an order confirmation, i.e. as a confirmation that you wish to carry out a project with one of our subcontractors. As soon as we receive this confirmation, we will reserve the team for you. Afterwards, further assignment details will be discussed. These include:

  • Construction project and address of the construction site
  • Specifications
  • Vehicle
  • Working hours (weekdays + how many hours per week)

Step 4: Appointing subcontractors: The contract processing

We will provide you with the contracts, i.e. framework contract and partial performance contract for the deployment. After you have signed and returned the contract to us, the respective subcontractor will sign it. We are happy to support you at any time.

Subcontractor wanted and you would like to know more about us?

If you have further questions about our service, we will be happy to advise you personally. On our contact page you will find the contact persons for the different industries. Here you can download our company brochure:



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