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Subcontractors for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing.

We arrange qualified specialists for heating- plumbing for building installations, fine installations, and maintenance work. Our subcontractors supply well-equipped and experienced teams of various sizes.

Benefit from our international network and our many years of experience with local state requirements and laws! For your individual HLS team, we are at your disposal with selected specialists from the following areas:

Heating technology

  • Planning of heating systems
  • Heating systems installation
  • Heating systems and heat pumps
  • Gas heating, pellet heating, and alternative heating systems
  • Heating system replacement and conversion
  • Heating system repair and maintenance

Refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Planning of cooling systems
  • Installation of air conditioners, freezers and cold rooms
  • Maintenance and repair of air conditioning and cooling systems

Ventilation engineering

  • Construction and installation of power plants
  • Centralized and decentralized systems
  • Equipment for apartments, gastronomy and industry
  • Fine installations
  • Maintenance of water supply valves, and ventilation valves

Sanitation technology

  • Planning of sanitation objects
  • Installations and plant construction
  • Maintanance and rehabalitation of sanitary facilities
  • Pipeline construction
  • Sanitation facility renovation