The costs and benefits of a subcontractor

You have received an order. Now the question arises: Are your own employees already busy and can you take on the new order? Another important question is: do your employees have the required skills?

If they are already busy or do not have the skills or experience, they need, either you hire new people or work with subcontractors. In this article, we show the cost-benefit analysis of using subcontractors.

Benefits of subcontractors: Qualification, experience, and flexibility

Finding a team quickly that has the right qualifications and experience is a big challenge. Often there is not enough time to the search for personnel.

Finding a reliable subcontractor also usually takes time and effort. Companies that mediate subcontractors are therefore ideal partners to quickly find professional subcontractors. Another advantage is the booking flexibility: Subcontractors can be booked as early as one week in advance. And there are no binding periods for the subcontractor. arranges proven subcontractors, most of which already have a long-standing cooperation with After a preparation time from 3-4 working days, the companies are ready to go.

Another advantage of is its transparency and trust. As a client, we send you only those workers that you have specified. An exchange of workers (due to over bookings) during the project does not happen with us!

Vehicle, tool, PPE

Because tools and PPE are provided for by the subcontractors of, you save the time that would otherwise be spent taking care of these issues.

Workers also need vehicles. These must be provided to employees by the company. All subcontractors of are equipped with their own, company-neutral vehicle.

Down times and additional costs, accommodation

Employees must also be paid for time off. charges you only what is done on the construction site. Weather-related downtime will not be charged. There are also no overtime bonuses, night or holiday bonuses.

Additional costs, such as for the accommodation, let total costs quickly explode. guarantees you a complete price – that is, there are no additional costs for accommodation etc.

Is the use of subcontracting profitable?

Taking in consideration the benefits of time, quality, flexibility, organization and cost of vehicles, tools and PPE, using subcontractors is a better choice than hiring new employees.

If you want to compare the costs, calculate the hourly rates:

The hourly rate of one’s own employees should take into account the marginal cost (additional cost) of the internal service. If the costs of the external service are lower than the marginal costs, outsourcing at comparable performance is advantageous.

A calculation of the internal hourly rate could look like this:

Personnel costs including ancillary costs as with the subcontractor

+ Cost tool

+ Car costs

+ possible other directly attributable costs (which the subcontractor carries)

+ possible costs for internal processes, which are not relevant with the use of external personal

= Total costs of the team (without material, without overhead costs)

÷ productive hours (total hours minus holidays, illness, public holidays, times without commission, etc.)

= Hourly rate for comparison

If your internal hourly rate is e.g. at € 45 and the subcontractor demands € 35, then the subcontractor is cheaper.

How much does the subcontractor cost me?

The placement from is free of charge for you as the client! subcontractors hourly rates vary according to the industry, number of skilled workers or assistants, location and duration of service. Contact us for a non-binding offer!

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