How to become a subcontractor

In only 2 years, 600 successfully completed orders, with 45 of our most professional contractors from industry and commerce. How you can become a part of this success story can be found here.



If you have chosen to work with and your application has been duly sent to us, you are already half the way there.

When your documents have been checked by our experts, you will receive an invitation for a personal interview.

Why do you need to submit these documents to

In our many years of work as a mediator, we are confronted again and again with subcontractors who contact us without serious interest. This takes valuable time from our team, which could be better invested in the order acquisition for our subcontractors. That is why the wheat is separated from the chaff.


2nd step: “THE CASTING”

Warum ein persönliches Gespräch?

Why a personal conversation?

Experience has shown that collaboration is more effective and productive when the facilitator team and subcontractor team know each other personally. In addition, the desired conditions and the framework agreement can be discussed. And the final details taken care of.

IMPORTANT: Only when the framework contract is signed will you become our partner and receive job alerts.


3rd step: “The Finale”

Very good, you’ve now made it to the finals. This means that you have been successfully included in the Top- Sub- database. Now for the benefits. Along with the other top- subs in your industry, you will receive the first order tenders.

Important: First come, first serve.


4th step: ” THE WINNER”

Now the time has come! You now have

  • the necessary papers for the country of assignment,
  • have the perfect team with the right qualifications,
  • and were the first top-sub who replied to the tender from

Congratulations, it is almost guaranteed that you will receive the order.

What is still missing? still needs to confirm that you have the order – ONLY then is it yours.

Once you have received the confirmation, there is nothing standing in the way of order processing. Your contact person will be at your side throughout the entire job.

If you have any questions or you need assistance please contact us!

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

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