Required documents for subcontractors

Required documents for subcontractors

We focus on quality: We only accept certified subcontractors in our network. Our selection criteria are based on the subcontractor (how long has the subcontractor been in business, how many employees are there, etc.), the team (qualification, reliability, German and English skills, etc.) and the documents submitted.

Before we can give you orders, we need the following documents from your company:

a) General documents (original + translation in German):

  • Company Deed
  • Trade Certificate
  • Residence certificate / Tax registration (fiscal secrecy) / Clearance certificate from the tax office and from the health insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Confirmation of the tax residence

b) Documents required in Germany (for jobs in Germany): Depending on the type of work, different documents are required.

c) Documents required in Austria (for jobs in Austria):


Do you need help organizing the documents?

For questions regarding working with the various governmental departments and licensing please contact us. If you need help with the organization, we recommend that you consult a tax consultant. You can, also contact our partner company, who will assist you with the documents:

KLM Galun

Contact: Fredi Galun