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Huber Car Park Systems is a German company specialising in modern and user-friendly car parks. One of our subcontractor teams was involved in the construction of a new car park in Stansted (London) in 2018. The electrical team provides support for various electrical installations, e.g. pipe installations and lighting installations. The project was completed in July 2019. In this article we therefore show this reference project in more detail.

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Huber Car Park Systems – car parks in England, Poland etc.

Huber Car Park Systems is a 2009 founded subsidiary of HIB Huber Integral Bau, a specialist for car park construction. HIB Huber Integral Bau has been active in the field of multi-storey car parks and parking facilities for over 30 years. The company stands for modern systems and full-service projects, from planning to maintenance and servicing.

Huber Car Park Systems – a subsidiary company

Huber Car Park Systems operates exclusively outside Europe, e.g. in England, the Netherlands, Poland and Norway. With its modern parking facilities, the company specialises in efficient and innovative solutions with a view to sustainability and environmental protection. The latter point in particular is an important issue today – also in the construction of parking garages and infrastructure facilities.

British Parking Award 2017 for the Rose Lane car park in Norwich

One of the most famous projects of Huber Car Park Systems is the Rose Lane Car Park in Norwich, in the East of England. The park has 595 parking spaces distributed over several floors. But the exterior of the building is particularly striking: the design of the white modern front is littered with holes of various sizes.

The location of the car park is also ideal: the city centre can be reached on foot in 10 minutes, and available train connections are even closer. Therefore, the system is ideally placed to meet the needs of different users.

Rose Lane Carpark Systems

The Rose Lane Carpark in the East of England is known for its special architecture. Source:

In 2017, the Rose Lane Carpark won the British Parking Award in the category Best New Car Park 2017. The construction of the plant has cost about £7 million.

Stansted – Airport Car Park in the East of England

At Stansted Airport, which is very busy, a car park has been created that is primarily intended for travellers and airport staff. With 2600 parking spaces and six storeys, the building offers plenty of space. More than 28 million travellers use the Stansted Airport every year. For this reason, convenient parking facilities have been created for all those who arrive by car.

All six floors can be reached by an elevator. There are four elevators in total, one of which is used as a fire brigade lift. The ramps were constructed in a spiral shape. This allows you to ensure an effective traffic flow.

In addition, the design is supposed to prevent cars from having to cover long distances due to its size when entering or leaving the car park. This should also contribute to greater sustainability and lower emissions. The facility is equipped with a system that displays free parking spaces as soon as you enter.

Stansted Huber Car Parks

The project in Stansted was completed in July 2019. Our team was already involved in 2018. Source:

Electrics Subcontractor for car park construction in London: Subcontract brokered

For the project in Stansted, Subauftrag arranged a team of 2 electricians for general electrical installations. The team mainly carried out work in the areas of cabling, lighting and raw installations. The contract was started at the end of November 2018 and was completed at the beginning of June 2019.

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The project in Stansted in detail:

Huber Car Park Systems

Location: Stansted, London (near airport)
Start: November 2018
Completion: June 2019

Team: Team of 2 electricians
Activities: General electrical installations: Cable tray, riser installation, lamp installation, junction boxes, cable installations, steel construction and teaching tube installations, etc.


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