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Bautagebuch notwendig Recht

A company wishing to provide a service in another EU country must prove its entrepreneurial activity with the Certificate of Commerce (EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce). Within the EU, there is the right to provide services and the right of establishment, i.e. that…

Reverse Charge Definition

Why do subcontractors need a tax number when working in Germany? If a foreign company (a company that does not have a registered office, a management or a branch office in Germany) carries out sales in Germany, these are – as with domestic companies – subject to sales…

Wir suchen Subunternehmer - Subunternehmen gesucht

  In this article we are dealing with the so-called exemption certificate. Why do you need it? When do you need it? How do you apply for it? Read on and find out more! What is an Exemption certificate? If an entrepreneur (client) awards an order to a contractor, the construction…


Why is the proof of tax liability needed? The document proves that a company has a tax number and a VAT identification number, i.e. is registered in Germany for VAT purposes. If a foreign company that does not have a registered office in Germany generates sales in Germany, these…

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