Reference project HVAC “Heymat” Gerresheim-Düsseldorf

CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH developed and implemented the new construction project “Heymat” at the intersection of Heyestraße 48 / Märkische Straße 10 in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim. The HVAC teams of the placement expert Subauftrag contributed to the project success of “Heymat”.

HVAC installations for the Heymat project

The Heymat housing project aimed to create the possibility of a mix of residents. Thus, the project created a new home for young and old, as well as for singles and families. A block of flats was built on Märkische Straße with 13 barrier-free condominiums, all of which are between 93 and 154 square metres in size. Depending on the room layout, the flats vary between three and six rooms. But of course each flat also has a terrace or balcony so that you can look out into the inner courtyard.

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Source: CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH New installation of heating and sanitary systems by competent specialist companies.

In the “Heymat Heyestraße” residential project, 14 more compact flats were created. The living space was divided into two to four rooms and has 56 to 97 square metres. Here, too, each flat owner gets a terrace or balcony.  The special feature of the inner courtyard is that it is car-free, as the residents have two underground garages at their disposal.


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Source: CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH

In addition, domiciles with the character of single-family homes were built. These have 140 square metres of living space in 4.5 rooms. 15 of these houses were built and each of them has its own garden as well as a front garden.

Subcontract supported the Heymat project with a professional HVAC team.

When you want to successfully realise a project of this size, you naturally look for reliable and competent specialist companies so that, for example, the completion date is not a problem.  In this case, Subauftrag, as a successful international agency expert, was able to select and send the right subcontractor for the HVAC sector for selected subprojects of CORPUS SIREO.

Nanomont, a proven Slovenian partner with many years of experience, was engaged for the new house and flat installations. A six-man team carried out the installations in the subproperties.  For example, pipes for heating, sanitation, drinking water, etc. were laid and risers were expertly fixed. (More about this here.)

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