Selection criteria – What we expect from you

The evaluation and selection of new subcontractors is based on the following criteria.

Your company: Your company is well established and employs more than ten employees. Ideally, you already then have the experience needed to be a subcontractor. Your thoughts and actions are entrepreneurial, aware and flexible.

Your team: We expect a reliable and trustworthy team with a high level of professional qualification. In addition to your national language, at least one skilled worker who speaks German, English skills are also, an advantage. Your team is equipped with company-neutral vehicles, appropriate tools and personal protective equipment.

Your documents: Generally required are your business license, a company excerpt and proof of a company liability insurance as well as an A1 certificate. Additional documents are needed depending on the order, such as: B. Proof of special welding knowledge or licenses for common machines such as lifting platforms and forklifts.

Selection process: Help with the organization of documents

As a subcontractor you are responsible for keeping all documents and certificates up to date. If you have any questions or language barriers, we are always available.

Here you can learn more about our commission.

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