Subcontract celebrates 10th anniversary

What began in 2011 as a small Carinthian start-up with a great vision is today one of the most successful international placement experts for subcontractors in the industrial and construction sectors.

Clients and partners have long since recognised the benefits of Subauftrag. For the subcontractors, Subauftrag means the placement of suitable and rewarding industrial and construction projects, and for the clients, Subauftrag is an expert in the placement of specialised and qualified professional companies.

In the past, general contractors had to spend weeks researching to find a subcontractor with the right price-performance ratio and availability. Subcontract now reliably manages the process from the enquiry to the subcontractor on site in 3-5 days.

The vision of supplying customers all over the world with qualified subcontractors made Manfred Striedinger from Carinthia give up personnel leasing 10 years ago and set out for new shores.

“Subcontractor placement was uncharted territory at the time. We didn’t know where exactly to start. The market had to be explored from scratch. So we just went for it. Everything that makes us so successful today we have learned from our own experience over the last 10 years and then implemented properly. Today, our customers, partners and, of course, we benefit from this,” says CEO Striedinger in the interview.

In addition to numerous new customers each year, Subauftrag already works with 350 regular customers throughout Europe. The certified subcontractor network is Striedinger’s pride and joy.

“We actually know our sub-partners down to the employees. We have always attached particular importance to this. This kind of networking is costly, but crowned with success.”  

So it is quite understandable why the Subauftrag team of experts is so successful in always finding the right subcontractors for their customers’ industrial and construction projects. This is the concept for success that leads to long-term and stable partnerships with satisfied customers and satisfied subcontractors.

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