Eurofins: New laboratory building with gas welders from Subauftrag

After a construction phase of almost two years, the new laboratory building of Eurofins Hamburg was completed in July 2019. The company now owns six company-owned buildings on the so-called “laboratory campus”, which consists of analytical laboratories for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural products.

One of our sub-partners from the welder/fitter sector was involved in the project: a team of 5 gas welders were arranged to complete installations in the new building. In this post we would like to introduce this project to you in more detail.

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Eurofins Group: world market leader in bioanalytical services

Eurofins Scientific is an international laboratory group providing analysis and services to the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and consumer goods industries. With more than 200,000 analytical methods that test, for example, the safety, purity and identity of products, Eurofins is now the world market leader in this sector. The group employs around 35,000 people in 37 countries.

Eurofins Scientific was founded in Nantes in 1987 to commercialise the patented SNIF-NMR technology used for quality and purity testing of beverages and food. In addition, the company gained a major competitive advantage in the field of pesticide analysis by taking over the Hamburg-based laboratory ‘Dr. Specht’.

In 2015, the company also invested 90 million EUR in food analysis at its own Eurofins Campus in Hamburg. In 2017 the company expanded into the field of laboratory medicine. Additionally, Hygel, a provider of medical diagnostic services, was acquired by the Eurofins Group.

Eurofins Hamburg: New laboratory building

The new laboratory building on the Hamburg-Harburg laboratory campus was completed in July 2019, with the official opening scheduled for early 2020. The ultra-modern five-storey building was designed by building specialist Vollack and adapted to the needs of the Eurofins Group. A 5-person team of gas welders from our subcontractor provided support for the new building.

Eurofins Hamburg has almost doubled in size to around 15,900 m2 . The new building provides space for the 450 employees who were previously employed at the Großmoorbogen site. Through the move to the new location flexibility was increased, shortened distances and made laboratory processes were made more efficient. The construction of the new laboratory building is part of the measures to expand the location of the rapidly growing Eurofins Group.

Project details at a glance:

Construction projects: Eurofins – New laboratory building
Team: Team of 5 gas welders
Location: Hamburg
Period of use: approx. 5 months
Activities: Installation of new laboratory building – laying and installation of steel pipes, heating including gas welding.


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