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You would like to become a subcontractor, but do not know in what branch you can subcontract? Since a large number of industrial and technical contracts are awarded – and worldwide – we have specialized in the following four branches:

As an expert in the mediation of subcontractors we are focusing on four different markets – if your branch is included we are happy to receive your application.


Lighting technology, cable laying, switchgear, automation technology, photovoltaics and many other markets.


Mechanical engineering, conveyor systems, logistics, EMSR technology, robotics, automotive industry and many other markets.

HVAC and sanitary/gas, water, heating

Heating systems, cooling systems, sanitary objects, planning and installation, maintenance and refurbishment and much more.


Pipe welding, plastic welding, plasma welding, machinists, artisans and more.

Each of these industries covers a wide range of tasks, each requiring specific knowledge and skills. Click on the individual branches to get a closer look at the work area.

You do not need further information and have the skilled workers? Then go directly to the application.



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