The legality of worldwide contracting of subcontractors

Subcontractors are used worldwide

In the handling of industrial and construction projects, the use of subcontractors is common practice. Many are accustomed to working internationally, even specializing in international projects. However, there are regulations to the international use. These can be complicated, and often unclear. In order to avoid problems, all parties should inform themselves and if necessary seek advice or seek out a professional mediator. Find out in this article how to legally commission subcontractors for international projects!

Tip: The most important point is the careful design of contracts.

The following should be included in the contract with subcontractors:

  • Confirmation of the minimum wage payment
  • Restrict / make assignment dependent on further subcontractors supports you as an intermediary in these matters.

  • Subauftrag takes over the subcontractors’ examination and assesses these from existing contract work.
  • provides you with approved contract samples / contracts.

International orders

The most important thing is: Leased workers must be allowed to work in the country concerned. Would you like to know more? Contact us to legally subcontract for your international project. We work exclusively with high-quality commercial enterprises whose specialists have all the necessary papers for international projects.


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