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We, Subauftrag.com, specialize in subcontracting. Are orders or trained specialists being looked for? We are the connection! We are proud of our broad international network, many years of experience and numerous renowned reference projects.

Join our network as a subcontractor

As an interface between clients and contractors in the fields of industry, electrics, HVAC / GWH and welders /fitters, we are always on the lookout for qualified companies with whom we strive for long-term cooperation on a partnership level. As a subcontractor, you work for another company and carry out its own projects independently.

Are you prepared for big projects and would you like to become a subcontractor? Then start your partnership with Subauftrag! We accompany you with practical and advisory support on your new projects.

The values ​​of competence, reliability, experience and work ethic are top priority. It is important to us that both clients and contractors work together on a positive basis, and that we as intermediaries can pave the way for long-term and constructive cooperation.

Success builds on trust, trust on transparency

What distinguishes our way of working is that we rely on quality: competent and long-term mediation. In order to be able to assure you of the best and most outstanding orders, we and your clients expect you to have reliability and know-how. For this reason, the selection of subcontractors takes place with the utmost care and high standards.

What skills, certificates and credentials do you have? What about the experience, size and creditworthiness of your company? Successful cooperation is based on trust, which in turn can only develop through transparency and honesty. The quality of our mediation service is proved by a broad international network of subcontractors.

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