Alloheim Retirement Home – Modernization with subcontractor teams

The rebuilding of the Alloheim Retirement Home was excellently realized with international subcontractors. A true oasis of well-being with modern nursing comfort awaits the residents. They were able to move back in soon after the completion of the project in “Dortmund Körne”.

Market pioneer Alloheim

In 1973 Alois Mollik founded the first Alloheim Retirement Home. The Alloheim Group is considered a market pioneer and has grown steadily to become the third largest private provider of inpatient care facilities (210 locations), assisted living (75 locations) and outpatient care services (26 locations).

Renovation creates more quality of life

The company’s guiding principle were also applied to the refurbishment of the “Dortmund-Körne” senior citizens’ residence, which began in March 2018. “We serve your quality of life”. The aim of the concept was to make care easier: the quality of housing should improve, the care sector should become more modern and the quality of life should increase.

Alloheim Dortmund

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Successful modernisation

The rebuilding was focused on more single rooms, an upgrade of the technical equipment in the nursing area and the modernisation of the living area. This includes, for example, the installation of electrically adjustable care beds for all 140 residents.

Reopening of Alloheim

During the one-year renovation phase, the senior citizens’ residence received international support. The competent subcontractors of were responsible for the installation and assembly in the sanitary areas. However, the project has now been successfully completed and Alloheim reopened in April. Cornelia Lüdicke, Residence Manager, is particularly proud that 30 seniors who moved out because of the renovation, are returning to the residence. “This shows us that we are doing everything right.”


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