EU certification/Chamber of Commerce certification

A company wishing to provide a service in another EU country must prove its entrepreneurial activity with the Certificate of Commerce (EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce). Within the EU, there is the right to provide services and the right of establishment, i.e. that entrepreneurs from an EU country may become self-employed or provide their services in another EU country.

However, due to the different requirements for professional access within the EU, this will often require evidence that proves professional and / or entrepreneurial competency.

Note: The EU certificate is not issued to a company, but to a person. Usually, however, this is enough for the managing director.

Who issues the EU certificate?

The EU certificate is issued by the local representative body or by the industry, service and trade sectors of the respective Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The respective local Chamber of Commerce issues them for Trade businesses.

Which documents do you have to submit?

As a self-employed entrepreneur, representative or manager of a company (or of a branch):

  •  Copy of the Commercial registration
  • When applicable, Commercial deregistration
  • If available, a copy of the current Commercial Register entry

For a job as a senior employee or employee:

  • A certificate from your employer, in which your specific job description and length of employment are included
  • When a state-recognized education has been completed: appropriate certificates and diplomas

Do you need help organizing the documents?

For questions regarding working with the various governmental departments and licensing please contact us. If you need help with the organization, we recommend that you consult a tax consultant. You can, also contact our partner company, who will assist you with the documents:

KLM Galun

Contact: Fredi Galun


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