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We, the company, have specialized in arranging subcontractors in the fields of industry, electrics, HVAC and sanitary / gas, water, heating and fitter / welder. We are proud to point to a broad, international network, many years of experience and numerous renowned reference projects. In this post, we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about our subcontractors.

1)  Where do the subcontractors come from?
Our sub-partners are mainly from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Slovakia.

2) What can the subcontractors do in terms of trades and self-employment?
The subcontractor teams are individually selected for each order – you tell us your requirements, after which we look for a tailor-made team especially for your project. The teams are all made up of skilled workers who are absolute experts in their respective fields. After receiving the work instructions, they work completely independently.

3) How big are the teams, or is it possible to book individuals?
You determine the size of the team – there are no limits, but it is not possible to book individuals. We arrange teams starting with 2 people.

4) How are the teams equipped?
Our subcontractor teams all have appropriate tools, a company-neutral vehicle, as well as the necessary documents.

5) Which language (s) are the workers speaking?
In addition to their respective national language, at least 1 skilled worker, in each team, speaks German. Most workers can also speak English.

6) Which machines are the workers allowed to drive?
This also depends entirely on the individual requirements – however, most skilled workers have not only, for example, special welder certificates, but also have licenses for normal working machines, such as lifting platforms and forklifts. In addition, most of them have a first aid training.

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7) What do I have to consider when commissioning?
In order to guarantee a smooth process, it is of particular importance to communicate all details and needs as accurately as possible. The more information we have, the better we can choose the teams to meet your requirements.

8) Which documents are needed, and which ones are brought by the subcontractors? 
Our foreign subcontractors have an official employment contract and are allowed to work in Germany. In addition, they are insured and can provide proof of insurance (A1 certificate). In this context, it should also be noted that foreign subcontractors are to be paid according to the German minimum wage. supports you as an intermediary in all legal matters. The subcontractors are checked by us in advance. In this way, we ensure that we use, exclusively independent contractors of the highest level. In addition, we also provide you with certified sample contracts and ready- made contracts and take over the entire administrative burden.

9) How is the progress documented and controlled?
As a rule, the progress is checked daily/weekly, and is controlled by the acceptance of the site manager. On request, the workers can, also use a construction site diary.

10)What do the subcontractors cost?

This question cannot be answered on a flat-rate basis, because we create an individual offer for each request and the costs are always project-related. This means that the costs for the subcontractors are dependent on various factors. These include the team size and the duration of the project.

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