100% quality – how do we choose our subcontractors?


In order to be able to supply you with the best subcontractors, subauftrag.com has strict specifications. The choice and assignment of subcontractors is subject to 14 criteria that must be met in order to be on our list as a partner.

  1. New orders will be awarded exclusively to our existing subcontractors. This ensures that the quality that you expect is there from the beginning.
  1. We know our subcontractors personally. Before joining our network, we meet in person to discuss the possibility of a partnership, and to clarify open questions.
  1. Subcontractors may not hire other subcontractors. If a sub-contractor is commissioned, the job must be managed with their own staff and under no circumstances may the subcontract be given to another subcontractor.
  1. The team remains unchanged until the completion of the contract. The employees remain in the project from the beginning to the end – the only exception is in case of illness or other extenuating circumstances.
  1. We check all the documents of subcontractors. We collect all important documents – including translations – and including excerpts from the commercial register, trade license and tax collection.
  1. We check the financial situation. In addition, we require from the subcontractor a clearance certificate from the tax office and the respective health insurance.
  1. All partners are adequately insured. A company liability insurance must be proven.
  1. Required documents for foreign assignments. For assignments abroad, we provide all documents and certificates depending on the application, including EU-Handwerkskammerbescheinigung, German tax number or customs declarations. All employees have an A1 insurance confirmation, work and residence permits and valid liability insurance.
  1. Each team runs a construction site folder. The construction site folder contains the employment contract or service note, the work contract, time sheets and daily work reports, pay slips, identity cards, health insurance cards, customs declarations and other necessary documents.
  1. Each assignment is documented accurately. Each assignment must be documented by the subcontractor – this report will include the hourly records of each employee, a daily work report, and photos.
  1. Weekly confirmation of work reports. This report is reviewed and confirmed every week by the customer.
  1. We have a contract with each sub-partner. For the subcontractor’s partnership with subauftrag.com, there is a signed framework agreement, which states all rules of the cooperation.
  1. Regular feedback to maintain customer satisfaction. We get weekly feedback from the client. Suggestions for improvement and other suggestions are forwarded to the subcontractor to ensure a steady improvement of the performance.
  1. We provide the contract.


This ensures the correctness of the collaboration. We take over the coordination of the contract signing.

The Sub-Partner is responsible for complying with these guidelines and keeping all documents and papers up to date. In communication – even with language barriers – we are always at your side. If you have any questions, please contact Subauftrag.com on the hotline +43 (0) 1336 0151-191.

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