This is how subcontracting works

How does subcontracting work?

Subcontracting explained: You need additional qualified personnel to handle your orders, but you are not really familiar with subcontracting yet? We can help – in today’s blog post we bring light into the dark, and answer all questions concerning the process of subcontracting!

Subauftrag mediates only the best – Subcontracting with top companies

Subauftrag mediates the best subcontractors – fast, reliable and worldwide. As a competent mediator we support you in word and deed, when it comes to finding the suitable subcontractors for your project. At this point in time, we can look back on several years of experience in the field of placement of subcontractors in the sectors industry, HKLS / GWH, electrics, and welders / fitters, and have built up an international network of the best subcontractors. Because he who wants to be successful today needs to look beyond national borders. German companies, whose production and workforce are in demand on the world market, like never before. They now need a network of highly qualified, well-trained specialists who work internationally. In this post you will learn everything you need to know about our placement process.

Step 1 – Your request to us

How does subcontracting work? Where do I start? The first step is the inquiry to us. This can be done either by phone at +43 1336 / 0151-191 or by the electronic request form. At this stage, you will need to tell us what size of team you want, the trade, the work needed, the location, the start date, and the approximate duration of the project. Based on this information, we can select the most suitable subcontractor for you. The selection is always individually adapted to the respective requirements.

Step 2 – Our offer to you

You will receive an offer from us based on the details you have given us. Of course, we also need to clarify any questions about the order, the offer, and any other area that is not clear.

Step 3 – The confirmation

The order confirmation is when you have signed the offer, which you then return to us. With the signed, returned offer, you confirm that you want to complete a project with one of our subcontractors. Once we have received the confirmation, we can reserve the team for you and further details of the operation will be discussed:

  • Bid document
  • Construction projects
  • Site Address
  • Car to be brought with
  • Working hours (weekdays + planned hours / week)

Step 4 – The contract

We provide you with the contracts, consisting of a framework contract and a partial service contract. Sign the contract and send it back to us, then the subcontractor will sign it.

Interested in working with our subcontractors? Send us a no-obligation inquiry!



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