Fair Play – 6 rules for a successful cooperation

Our cooperation with our sub-partners is based on transparency, trust and quality. In order to ensure smooth operations and communication based on eye-level partnership, we do everything in our power to provide the best possible support for the subcontractors in our network. Accordingly, we also expect “fair play” from our partner companies.

1. No sub-sub: Only use own employees

If you receive an order from us, only use your own employees who are also employed by your company. Don’t commission another subcontractor to take over the order for you.

2. Send only qualified skilled workers

Quality is one of our highest standards, which ensures the satisfaction of our customers. Because they trust us to provide them with qualified skilled workers who do a good job. You must therefore provide evidence of your employees’ qualifications in the form of training certificates – keep them available. If you cannot prove that your employees are really skilled workers, the customer can reduce the price.

3. Communication with the client

It is our task as placement experts to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Communication with the client happens therefore exclusively through us. Therefore, do not communicate directly with the client unless we explicitly ask you to do so.

4. Communication about project changes

If there is new information or changes in current operations, please let us know. This includes, for example, new construction projects – in this case a new contract is also necessary! Other important information are changes in the amount of personnel deployed or staff holidays.

5. Workers at sites: Do not exchange workers

A project is successful if the customer is satisfied with the team sent. If you replace employees, the quality usually decreases and the customer becomes dissatisfied. This can even lead to the loss of the order. Therefore: Do not exchange employees!

6. Our feedback system also benefits you

We are in constant contact with our customers and get feedback on our projects every week. We forward this feedback – whether good or bad – to our partner companies. But your feedback on the assignments is also very important to us: Contact us at any time.


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