Subcontractors in the construction industry: What do you need to consider for subcontractors in construction?

Today it is part of everyday life to use subcontractors in the construction industry. This offers construction companies many advantages and increased flexibility. In this article we explain how subcontractors are used in the construction industry and what problems can be solved by using them.

Topics in the article:

  • Use of subcontractors in the construction industry
  • Compensating staff shortages with subcontractors 
  • Advantages of using subcontractors in the construction industry
  • Problems in cooperation with subcontractors and how we solve them
  • Huge staff shortage in the construction industry during the peak season and before the onset of winter
  • How do you find the right subcontractor?
  • Example: Headquarters of Trivago in Düsseldorf

Procurement of subcontractors – fast, reliable and worldwide

We place subcontractors in the construction industry in the electrical, HVAC/sanitary, welder/fitter and industrial sectors. As an interface between client and subcontractor, we are at your side with our many years of experience in personnel recruitment. Would you like to learn more about our service? Here you can get to know our service better:


Use of subcontractors in the construction industry

Subcontractors in the construction industry are hired by other companies to carry out specific activities. The reasons for this vary, e.g. it may be that it is not worthwhile for the contracting company to carry out the work itself. Often, however, quality reasons also play an important role, as the company does not always have the capacity and, above all, the necessary know-how.

The economy will continue to develop towards an increased division of labour in the future. In the past, it was usually the case that a building contractor carried out all services himself. However, in recent decades there has been a trend towards the use of subcontractors in the construction industry for specific services. This can go so far that the general contractor even passes on all the services to be performed in a construction project. In this case, the building contractor retains only the coordination and management and becomes the total contractor.

Compensating for staff shortages with subcontractors in the construction industry

The construction industry in many countries has been on the upswing for years. Housing construction in particular is being driven forward, as the demand for housing is high. It is therefore often difficult for construction companies to quickly provide sufficient personnel for construction projects. The shortage of skilled workers, which in many countries also affects the construction industry very strongly, also contributes to these difficulties. Often there is also no or too little personnel in the company that has special qualifications.

These problems are very often solved with subcontractors. In this way it is possible to react quickly to personnel shortage and new orders. Subcontractors not only offer greater security, but also the advantage that they can be deployed when needed.

Advantages of using subcontractors in the construction industry

We have been reliably placing subcontractors all over the world for many years. Our teams provide you with competent and experienced workers from certified companies. This means that you do not have to search for reliable subcontractors for a long time and you save yourself the trouble of drawing up contracts, coordination and invoicing – because we take care of all that. You remain highly flexible – there are no commitment periods and our teams can be deployed worldwide.

Problems in working with subcontractors in the construction industry and how we solve them

When different companies work together, there is of course a great need for coordination. Below is an overview of the biggest problems when using subcontractors in construction and how we eliminate these difficulties in advance.

Lack of know-how or experience: Through our application process we ensure that our subcontractors have all the necessary qualifications. We check our teams carefully and request relevant certificates.

Subcontractor unreliability: We only work with reliable subcontractors who can guarantee a high standard of quality. As a mediator, we are at your disposal for all questions and problems and act as a mediator between you and our subcontractors.

Language problems when working with subcontractors: Each of our teams has at least one worker who speaks your language and who gives instructions to the rest of the workers in the team. In this way we ensure that there are no communication problems.

Problems with the required documents: We only use subcontractors who have all the necessary documents. We take over the entire administrative work, so you can concentrate on your core activities.

Staff shortage during the peak season and before the onset of winter in the construction industry

Subcontractors in the construction industry: All construction sites must be prepared for the winter and high season. In the best case, it can be ensured in advance that enough personnel and capacities are available. Those who do not manage to do this in time are threatened with additional costs.

The time pressure before these seasons places enormous demands on the personnel department – during these peak periods, more workers are usually required than construction companies have available. An expansion of the permanent staff would mean too much bureaucracy, costs and time. Instead, many construction companies resort to subcontractors on the building site. These offer many advantages and can be used flexibly.

Subunternehmer im Baugewerbe - Subcontractors in the construction industry

How do you find the right subcontractor for the construction?

In the construction industry, people usually know each other well. They often know possible subcontractors themselves or have one of their acquaintances recommend one. But how professional are they really? has built up a network of subcontractors for the electrical, industrial, HVAC/sanitary and locksmith/welders sectors over the years. We know each of the subcontractors personally and have been working with most of them for many years. This enables us to ensure that work is carried out at the highest level and that the cooperation is professional.

Through the mediation via…

  • You will receive 100% competent and experienced teams of verified companies
  • You pay a complete price including travel, accommodation, working materials, etc.
  • With us you save time that you would have to sacrifice to the search for the right partner, the drafting of contracts, coordination and often tedious accounting work
  • You have a large selection of highly qualified teams – for every task in the fields of industry, electrical engineering, HVAC/sanitary, welding/fitting
  • Our teams can be deployed worldwide
  • You are highly flexible – there are no commitment periods

Example Subcontractor Construction: Headquarters of Trivago in Düsseldorf

The new office building of the holiday giant was completed in 2018. Around 30,000 square metres were planned for the first construction phase. Two large groups from our network of subcontractors in the field of sanitary installations including site manager, have been working on the extensive construction site since July 2017. Thanks to our many years of experience with major international projects, we are able to support our clients in many other matters, such as communication between the parties, thus ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Here you can get an overview of the currently available teams:

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