Proof of tax liability

Why is the proof of tax liability needed?

The document proves that a company has a tax number and a VAT identification number, i.e. is registered in Germany for VAT purposes. If a foreign company that does not have a registered office in Germany generates sales in Germany, these are subject to sales tax.

Where do you get the proof?

Proof of tax liability must be obtained from a German tax office.

How long is the proof valid?

The proof is valid for a maximum of three years. If a revocation of the certificate by the tax office, this applies only to the future, not retroactively.

Do you need help organizing the documents?

For questions regarding working with the various governmental departments and licensing please contact us. If you need help with the organization, we recommend that you consult a tax consultant. You can, also contact our partner company, who will assist you with the documents:

KLM Galun

Contact: Fredi Galun


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