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  Reverse Charge – everything you need to know Reverse Charge concerns a special regulation in the sales tax law, according to which not the service provider, but the recipient of the service has to pay the sales tax. If you have been wondering for a while what exactly this special regulation is about, then […]

  In this article we are dealing with the so-called exemption certificate. Why do you need it? When do you need it? How do you apply for it? Read on and find out more! What is an Exemption certificate? If an entrepreneur (client) awards an order to a contractor, the construction tax is due. This […]

More and more companies are struggling to find qualified professionals This is a problem that can inhibit economic growth. While the study results in Germany report 260,000 job vacancies due to lack of skilled workers, the demand for skilled workers in domestic companies is 160,000. The current survey commissioned by the WKÖ clearly shows in […]

You have applied to Subauftrag, qualified, and successfully become a subcontractor Then you are ready for the next step: your first order as a subcontractor All subcontractors will receive information about new orders via email. Please note – orders are placed only with partner companies. For this purpose, the required documents must be submitted, and […]

The evaluation and selection of new subcontractors is based on the following criteria. Your company: Your company is well established and employs more than ten employees. Ideally, you already then have the experience needed to be a subcontractor. Your thoughts and actions are entrepreneurial, aware and flexible. Your team: We expect a reliable and trustworthy […]

Expert knowledge and skills needed You would like to become a subcontractor, but do not know in what branch you can subcontract? Since a large number of industrial and technical contracts are awarded – and worldwide – we have specialized in the following four branches: As an expert in the mediation of subcontractors we are […]

  Success builds on trust, trust on transparency What distinguishes our way of working is that we rely on quality: competent and long-term mediation. In order to be able to assure you of the best and most outstanding orders, we and your clients expect you to have reliability and know-how. For this reason, the selection […]

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We,, specialize in subcontracting. Are orders or trained specialists being looked for? We are the connection! We are proud of our broad international network, many years of experience and numerous renowned reference projects. Join our network as a subcontractor As…

  In order to be able to supply you with the best subcontractors, has strict specifications. The choice and assignment of subcontractors is subject to 14 criteria that must be met in order to be on our list as a partner. New orders will be awarded exclusively to our existing subcontractors. This ensures that […]

You have received an order. Now the question arises: Are your own employees already busy and can you take on the new order? Another important question is: do your employees have the required skills? If they are already busy or do not have the skills or experience, they need, either you hire new people or […]

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