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Today it is part of everyday life to use subcontractors in the construction industry. This offers construction companies many advantages and increased flexibility. In this article we explain how subcontractors are used in the construction industry and what problems can be solved…

Alloheim Dortmund

The rebuilding of the Alloheim Retirement Home was excellently realized with international subcontractors. A true oasis of well-being with modern nursing comfort awaits the residents. They were able to move back in soon after the completion of the project in “Dortmund…

Rose Lane Carpark Systems

Huber Car Park Systems is a German company specialising in modern and user-friendly car parks. One of our subcontractor teams was involved in the construction of a new car park in Stansted (London) in 2018. The electrical team provides support for various electrical…

Wikertor Appartments

Well thought-out room concepts, an open floor plan and a bright, inviting ambience – WikerTor apartments stands for modern living not far from the centre of Kiel. No matter whether one- or two-room or spacious penthouse apartments, WikerTor meets all requirements for living…

Möbelhaus Umbau

In order to keep up with the latest trends and innovations, the branches of suppliers in the furniture, decoration and bedding sectors must be regularly modernised. One of our subcontractors was involved with a team of 7 electricians in the rebuilding of a large retail chain. In…

After a construction phase of almost two years, the new laboratory building of Eurofins Hamburg was completed in July 2019. The company now owns six company-owned buildings on the so-called “laboratory campus”, which consists of analytical laboratories for food,…

  Satisfaction is a proof of quality Our success comes from your success; from the success of the subcontractor. If projects are carried out to the satisfaction of the client, this is the proof of successful and valuable work. The satisfaction of our customers is the highest quality proof – for you and for us. […]

A company wishing to provide a service in another EU country must prove its entrepreneurial activity with the Certificate of Commerce (EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce). Within the EU, there is the right to provide services and the right of establishment, i.e. that entrepreneurs from an EU country may become self-employed or provide […]

Why do subcontractors need a tax number when working in Germany? If a foreign company (a company that does not have a registered office, a management or a branch office in Germany) carries out sales in Germany, these are – as with domestic companies – subject to sales tax. In other words, a foreign company […]

When placing an order, we need in addition to work and residence permits (if non-EU employees are used), current liability insurance (must also apply to the country!), Name list (first and last name, birthday, nationality) and training certificates. Also, A1 papers and a customs declaration. A1 paper – A1 certificate For workers from EU countries, […]

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