Required documents for subcontractors

We need the following documents

We focus on quality: We only accept certified subcontractors in our network. Our selection criteria are based on the subcontractor (how long has the subcontractor been in business, how many employees are there, etc.), the team (qualification, reliability, German and English skills, etc.) and the documents submitted.

Before we can give you orders, we need the following documents from your company:

a) General documents (original + translation in German):

(Original + Übersetzung auf Deutsch)

  • Company Deed
  • Trade Certificate
  • Residence certificate / Tax registration (fiscal secrecy) / Clearance certificate from the tax office and from the health insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Confirmation of the tax residence

b) Documents required in Germany (for jobs in Germany):

Depending on the type of work, different documents are required.

Abhängig von der Art des Einsatzes sind unterschiedliche Dokumente erforderlich.

EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce

If a company wishes to provide a service in another EU member state, it must prove its entrepreneurial activity by means of the Chamber of Crafts certificate, also EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce/Crafts.

However, this certificate is not issued to an enterprise but to an individual person. Nevertheless, it is usually sufficient if it is issued to the managing director. The EU certificate is issued by the local professional association or, in the service, industry and trade sectors, by the respective chambers of industry and commerce. The local Chamber of Crafts issues it for craft enterprises.

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Tax number Germany

If a foreign company (a company which has neither a registered office nor a management or branch office in Germany) carries out sales in Germany, these are subject to sales taxation in Germany – just as in the case of domestic companies.

In order to obtain a German tax number, foreign companies must register for turnover tax with the respective German tax office responsible for your country. An informal notification to the relevant tax office about the commencement of business activities in Germany is sufficient for the application, to which you must also attach a certificate of entrepreneurial status, an excerpt from the commercial register if applicable, and details of business bank accounts.

You will then be sent a form in which you enter your personal and company-related data. Once you have returned the completed form to the tax office, you will receive your tax number in one to two weeks.

Relevant tax offices in Germany:

Tax office Oranienburg

Tax office Chemnitz Süd

Tax office Kassel-Hofgeismar

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Exemption Certificate Germany

When a contractor awards a contract to a building contractor, he must pay the building deduction tax, i.e. the building owner retains 15% of the negotiated price for the building contract and passes this percentage on to the tax office. This means an inevitable loss of income for the building contractor and is also very bureaucratic. This can be circumvented with an exemption certificate.

The building contractor can apply for an exemption certificate from the relevant tax office, provided there is no doubt at the tax office that the contractor will pay his taxes reliably in the future. Once the certificate has been issued, it must be presented to the service recipient (the building owner), who then transfers the entire invoice amount.

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Proof of tax liability

The proof of tax liability proves that a company has a tax number and a VAT identification number, i.e. that it is registered for VAT in Germany. If a foreign company that is not domiciled in Germany generates sales in Germany, these are subject to VAT.

Proof of tax liability must be requested from a German tax office.

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c) Documents required in Austria (for jobs in Austria):

Depending on the type of work, different documents are required.

Notification of services for Austria

Entrepreneurs who are established in one of the EU member states/EEA contracting states (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and, under certain circumstances, Switzerland, and who are authorised to carry out commercial activities there, may occasionally and temporarily carry out such activities under the same conditions as Austrian nationals. This is called freedom to provide services. In the case of regulated trades, the first commencement of the activity must be notified in advance by means of a service notification.

Before the first performance of the service, a service declaration must be submitted in writing to the BMDW, which is then valid for one year. Therefore, do not forget to renew the notification annually. Within one month, the BMDW must acknowledge receipt of the documents and inform you which documents are missing. If there is no reaction from the BMDW after the 2nd month following receipt of the complete documents, the company may provide the service.

The necessary forms for the service notification can be found here.

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Do you need help with the organisation of the documents?

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding cooperation and proofs. If you need help with the organisation, we recommend that you consult a tax advisor. Alternatively, you can also contact our partner company, which will help you with the documents:

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